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/ˈlejərdəˌ mān/
The skillful use of one's hands when performing conjuring tricks.
Borrowed from Middle French, léger de main "quick of hand," literally "light of hand."

Our focus is Close-up Magic. While stage magic and Grand Illusions can be beautiful. When an artist performs a miracle right before your eyes, the feeling cannot be compared. The hands are truly quicker than the mind....
We offer a wide range of hand selected effects and instructional material for both the professional and new magicians alike.

While we don't provide lessons for the professional, for the rest of the magicians out there I am proud to offer a truly personal experience in our Road To Magic selections. Most magic is sold with only paper instructions, or sometimes a video where the creator "teaches" how the trick works. In our experience we have come to realize that this does not give you the ability to perform the magic in a way that provides that WOW factor, often leading to frustration and disappointment, or worse yet, with an effect that gets a great first reaction, but looses its impact once your spectator has a chance to think about it.

So why do magicians keep buying the next effect hoping for a different result. The answer is because we are being studied. It's an exercise in commercial marketing. Powerful back ground music, flashy presentations and "trigger" words like "Exclusive!""New!""Limited time!""Best!""Amazing!" and phrases like "Looks Like Trick Photography!""A Real Fooler!", "Going In My Act Right Now!". These are not accidents. Psychologists in marketing study the impact of these phrases and actually create lists that advertisers can use to get you to buy. Don't buy the hype. It's all about the finer points of performance.

We believe that helping the magicians deliver a powerful and memorable performance can give you the confidence to set you on the road to a lifetime of fulfillment in this fascinating science of the mind.                

Any real professional will tell you that it is better to use your time wisely and have fewer effects that you have mastered, then many that don't leave an impact that will be remembered.

In our Road To Magic section we hand select effects that are easy to master. Our focus is to make sure that you have the understanding of the finer points that go beyond how the effect works, to make your magic amazing. When you purchase a Road To Magic item from our store we provide additional instructions to help you create a personal magical experience. You can send us an email with questions, and in some cases schedule a zoom meeting so we can help you work through any of the finer points. I guarantee you can deliver a real impact. We are here to make your magic work.
Additional help with items from anywhere on our site is also available on request.

Let's make some magic together!

We also specialize in creating truly unique experiences for major events and venues, and providing locations for professionals to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

To find out more about how to create an event custom fit for you, call or email below.

We Promote "real magic". You will be amazed! You will believe the impossible!

 If you are a performer and want to  join our team. Please email us at the address below. 

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